Takagi Teijiro

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24 p.
black with gold floral/leaf pattern covers, cloth covered boards (decorated and plain)
Text engl. - This similar-to-an-album book is composed of 24 hand colored collotype plates from photographs by Tamamura. Each plate has an English explanation of what it depicts. The images follow Miss "Tokimatsu" through a day. They start with receipt of a letter inviting her to a social event at a friend's home - dressing and preparing (several Kimono views) - arriving at the event (a tea) - the actual "tea ceremony" - playing the koto - drinking sake - return home in a jinrikisha - disrobing (several views of the kimono coming off but no nudity) - eating supper, smoking a pipe, going to sleep and dreaming of her "hero." The collotypes pages measure 7 x 9 1/2 inches. The image areas vary slightly but measure 4 1/4 ~ 4 1/2 x 5 1/2 ~ 6 inches. The collotypes are protected with tissue guards. There is no colophon. Kozaburo Tamamura (1856-1923?) was a foremost Japanese photographer. The book was produced and marketed by Tamamura as well as his successor, Takagi. Possibly the Tamamura books have the decorated cloth boards and the Takagi books have the plain cloth covers.
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