Rejlander, Oscar Gustav (1813-1875)

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John Murray
VI, 374 p.
with photographic and other illustrations
Text engl. - Andere Ausgabe: Dt. Ausgabe: „Der Ausdruck der Gemüthsbewegungen bei dem Menschen und den Thieren.“ Stuttgart 1874. - Enthält 7 Tafeln mit Heliotypien. S. VI: N. B. - Plates nos. 1 and 2 by Duchenne de Boulogne (1806-1875), no. 4 and 5 by an unknown photographer, nos. 6 and 7 by Oscar Gustav Rejlander (introduction, p. 23 down). - „Several of the figures in these seven Heliotype plates have been reproduced from photographs, instead of from the original negatives; and they are in consequence somewhat indistinct. Nevertheless they are faithful copies, and are much superior for my purpose to any drawing, however carefully executed.“
New York, NY
Arno Press
s. p.
Buch, Reprint
Text engl.
Ausstellungskatalog, New York, Hans P. Kraus, Jr. Inc., s. a.
Sun Pictures; catalogue one (1).
New York, NY
Hans P. Kraus, Jr. Fine Photographs
1000 copies
s. p.
Ausstellungs-, Bestands- und Verkaufskatalog
Text engl. - Incl. a complete though small sized reprint of Talbot’s Sun pictures in Scotland. Some reproductions of salt and albumen prints from collodion or waxed calotype negatives are also included. [Another though rather faded copy of this rare early illustrated publication is owned by the Bibliothek des Deutschen Museums, Munich, Germany].
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