Book# 35483

Frith, Francis (1822-1898)

Lower Egypt, Thebes and the Pyramids.

Ort   London
Verlag   William MacKenzie
Illustration, Ausstattung   ill. with original albumen photographs
Medium   Buch


Text engl. - Text by Francis Frith. With 37 rich albumen photographs by Frith, each measuring 15.2x22.8 cm, sheet size 43.1x30.4 cm, each with a printed caption on mount recto. Some image captions: "The Fallen Colossus, Thebes"; "The Rameseum, Thebes"; "The Temple of Goorneh, Thebes"; "The Temple Palace, Medinet Habou, Thebes"; "Pylon Gateway at Medinet-Habou, Thebes"; "Interior Court Habou, Thebes"; "Osiride Pillars at Medinet Habou, Thebes"; "New Excavations at Medinet Habou, Thebes"; "Entrance to the Great Temple, Luxor"; "View at Luxor"; "Obelisk and Granite Lotus Column, Karnac"; "Pillars in the Great Hall, Karnac"; "The Broken Obelisk, Karnac"; "Hall of Columns, Karnac"; "Sculptured Gateway, Karnac"; "The Granite Pylon, Karnac"; "The Court of Shishak, Karnac"; "Interior of the Hall of Columns, Karnac."
Auct. Swann Photographic Litertaure & Photographs, sale 2166, lot 104, New York, NY, 12 Dec. 2008, estimate: 2500-3500 $ (18 albumen photographs; rebound in red cloth; recased, light foxing on preliminaries; photographs bright and clean).
Photographie Reisephotographie 19. Jahrh. Monographie Egypt, Ägypten 

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