Book# 35275

The Imperial gaze. The photographs of Samuel Bourne (1863-1870). Alkazi collection.

Jahr   2000
Illustration, Ausstattung   15 photographs
Medium   Katalog


Brochure ter gelegenheid van een tentoonstelling in 2000. - "Organized by a curatorial team led by Mr. Alkazi, the show is large, thanks to the astonishing breadth of Bourne's output, from architectural studies to limpid pastorales to ethnographic portraits. These are the sorts of pictures Bourne was best known for by his contemporaries. But what he kept coming back to was the landscape. He was an imperialist to the core, as all photographers basically are, "taking" pictures, "capturing" likenesses, "conquering" this impediment or that. His Indian experience was both a spiritual quest and a pictorial shopping spree, one that he lived off back in England for years.To his credit, though, and to our advantage, he pushed himself hard. His Himalayan forays took him to the very borders of the India defined by Western surveys at the time, where he came up against a Sublime so sublime, so non-European, so disorienting that it felt useless, blank, unseeable. He didn't know it, but India beyond colonialism began there." ( 10.2008).
7.50 €.
Photographie Reisephotographie India, Indien 19. Jahrh. Monographie Bourne, Samuel Sammlungen, Alkazi Collection 

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